The guaranteed B-10 license includes, elk, deer, fishing, bird, and conservation. In addition to the B-10 license there will be 2300 guaranteed B-11 licenses that will include deer, fishing, bird, and conservation. Both of these licenses have to be used with a licensed outfitter. If the cost of the guaranteed license is just too much you can still apply in the open block of licenses. The drawing will be the same. The big difference is the state will have a point system. Each year that you are unsuccessful you will get a point, this point will cost you twenty dollars each year that you reapply. This is the same system the state will use for sheep, moose, and goat permits. The departments is still selling an elk combination license; it will sell for $100 less. Certification by an outfitter is required for you to qualify will be mailed to all interested parties. The deadline for applications for "guaranteed" license is March 15.

Archery hunters must first acquire a combination license, then and $8 archery stamp. All archery hunters must show proof of an NBEF Bowhunters Education Certificate or present any prior years archery stamp, tag, or license from any state or province to purchase a Montana Bowhunting License.

All hunts booked with the L-Diamond-E Guest Ranch will have the deposits paid before any certificates are mailed. For those of you that may try the open block of licenses, and are not successful, we will refund your deposit or forward your deposit to the next hunting season. Cancellation of a trip after licensing is nonrefundable. All licenses will be mailed from the Fish and Game Department directly to the nonresident client.

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