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As the sun struggles to push daylight over the eastern mountains, the only sound you hear is the soothing rush of water over smooth stones at your feet, like wind chimes singing on a front porch. Your "skwalla stonefly" has almost floated past you and you're about to reel it in when boom- your relaxed rod is almost jerked out of your hand as your line goes tight and your reel begins to whine. Within 20 miles of the L-Diamond-E Ranch, rest four of the most famous fishing rivers in the entire world, to guarantee you'll have several mornings like the one described above.

A walking distance from the ranch runs the wide Clark Fork River. The river that all three other rivers run into, the Clark Fork flows all the way to the Pacific. This river, which is home to the brown trout and whitefish among others, is ideal for floating and fishing almost any kind of fly.

As the Blackfoot River flows out of the wild country near the Continental Divide, carrying cutthroat, brown, and rainbows; deer, elk, and Hollywood watch it pass. The river made famous in Robert Redford's film "A River Runs Through It" carries some of the best fishing in Montana. And it will leave its own movie in your memory as well. As you sit on the front porch of your cabin and watch the sun lay down for a rest behind the western mountains, you take a drink from your glass and smell the day's work on your hands. The wind chimes jingle and you smile, thinking of the river, thinking of the fish, thinking of tomorrow.

The Bitterroot River meanders for 70 miles north through the Bitterroot valley reaching as wide as 100 yards in some spots. Along the way it collects waters and fish from several springs and creeks coming out of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Ranges. Home to brooke and brown trout as well as whitefish an many others, the Bitterroot provides a beautiful fishing experience.

Literally minutes from the ranch lies perhaps the most famous Blue Ribbon Trout stream that ever flowed. It's as if God took a fly fisherman on as a consultant when he made Rock Creek's 50 miles of pools, runs, and riffles ideal for wading or floating. Rock Creek is home to almost every kind of trout and every kind of hatch, and expecting you too to call it home.

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